Clean Out, Clean House

I am a self-admitted hoarder.  I just hang onto everything, because I’m sentimental.  Because I might need it one day.  Because just because.  To my husband’s dismay, clutter is beginning to hoard our lives, especially as our child grows and we accumulate more child things!  It’s that time of year again to CLEAN OUT!  One item I’ve been hanging on to, that needs to go, is a second wedding dress I bought when we got engaged.  Silly, I know.  I never even wore it, but it was hard to let it go for some reason.  I had posted on my Facebook asking if anyone had donated their dress before.  OH MY!  I got SO many responses!  After finally being able to sift through them all, I decided to compile a list for anyone else interested in donating their wedding dress or formal wear.  Personally, I wanted to donate to Angel Gowns, gowns for stillborn and lost babies, which is a cause so close to my heart.  However, they are not accepting gown donations currently. A colleague of mine has a friend locally who makes them, so I am sending mine to her.

Here are a few of the suggestions sent to me, all amazing causes!

  • St. Anthony’s Bridal, a non-profit offering gowns to brides who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford one.
  • Family Missions Company, similar to St. Anthony’s but based in Mexico
  • Adorned in Grace, a re-sale shop raising awareness and funds to prevent human sex trafficking
  • A local church is also organizing a “Prom Closet” offering formal dresses and suits to teenagers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.  I donated a bridesmaid dress!  Does your area do something similar or have one to send?  Contact me @
  • Operation Deploy Your Dress also accepts men’s and women’s formal wear to donate to our military who wouldn’t be able to afford them!

This article also had a few suggestions!: 5 Meaningful Places to Donate Your Wedding Dress

I am also counting this as one of my “acts of kindness” for my 30th coming up this year! #30for30.

Have you thought about donating your formal wear?  If you’re hanging on to it, what are your plans??


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