New Year, New You, New Blog

Aloha friends!

I’ve decided as one of my years goals to revamp my online presence including my blog (which will be a work in progress).  I had it written down but didn’t get inspired until I read Kaitlin’s blog.  I’ve followed her for a while and LOVE her business sense and dedication to her clients and family.  (If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, check her out!!) I want to be able to share my experiences as a working mom and also help educate on real estate, home buying & home selling.  Along the way, I’ll co-post with other professionals.

I also want this site to be interactive for you.  If I pose a question, or ask your experience, please post it in the comments!  The more I share my experiences and thoughts, the more I find someone saying, “yes me too!”.  Which leaves me saying, “tell meee mooorrreee”.  But also, I love different perspectives! You don’t have to agree with me, but I do ask you stay respectful and compassionate.

Looking forward to see what 2016 brings us!!

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