5 Ways To Work Around Social Anxiety

If you know me well, I’m introverted.  I recharge my energy by being alone.  This has been quite a challenge while breaking into the real estate business.  It’s a demanding field to be introverted in, a tricky balancing act.  I am part of a large networking group in the Frederick area, Real Estate Coffee Connection (if you’re a business owner in the surrounding areas, please join us on Thursday mornings!), and some days I go and I just want to shrivel up in the back and hide under a blanket.  Or better yet, go home!  But, pushing myself beyond my comfort limits is something I can’t compromise when it comes to my business.  In addition to being introverted, is my social anxiety.  Oh the irony!  I am a Realtor® with social anxiety.  It’s my deep, dark, dirty secret.  When I walk into that room on Thursday mornings, I immediately want to retreat.  So, how does one work with these speed bumps on the road of building a business?  Here is what I have learned so far in my journey.

  1.  Be Honest People can tell when you aren’t being genuine.  I’ve come to realize telling people I am better in a one on one setting, is okay!  And, they realize I want to give them my undivided attention.  I cannot do that when I am feeling anxious or drained.
  2. Find a Friend I have made some great connections in networking.  For me, it’s nice to walk into a room and see a friendly familiar face and know I have a ‘safe space’ to sit.  Once I feel comfortable, I am more likely to open up and gauge others in conversation.
  3. Give Yourself Time to Recharge After a large meeting, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, drained, anxious.  I started buffering time in my schedule so I had time to process and recharge before I head to my next appointment or meeting.  When I am the most frazzled and distracted, is when I haven’t allotted myself the time to recharge
  4. Know You Don’t Have to Overcome It  Things like being introverted or social anxiety are ingrained in us.  It can be very discouraging to hear, you can overcome this!  When it’s not something that necessarily can be “fixed”.  There is no hurdle challenge here, the best is to recognize what’s holding you back and work AROUND it.
  5. Take Notes When I’m feeling anxious or drained, it’s really hard to focus.  In taking notes, even while just making a networking connection, I’ve found it has helped me focus more and I have something to look back on when I need it.

Do you have any challenges that present themselves as you go about your day to day?  How do you work around them?


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