Small Biz Wonders – Zaglios Bakery

If you know me well, you know I am a huge supporter of small businesses!  There’s many reasons for this, for which I can create another post, so I thought it would be interesting to highlight small business owners, particularly parents!  The inspiration for this series came from Jamaal Rashad’s ValorLives Series.  I will do a few vlog interviews, but for now, the first couple will be written.  Hope you learn something and enjoy!

This week I am highlighting Amanda, owner of Zaglios Bakery in Poolesville, MD.


Amanda is a mom to a lively one year old and has owned Zaglios for about 2 1/2 years.  I have to say, her treats are divine!  Here is our interview:

Me: You have established a fantastic brand & business, what were some challenges you faced getting up and running?

Amanda: Getting the food licenses and county regulations!  The county is strict and there were many hurdles.  The small projects, such as simple construction to put up a wall, ended up being a really complicated endeavor.  I’d say getting compliant was definitely the biggest challenge.

Me: What are some challenges you face in your family life, while still running the business?

Amanda: Lack of sleep!  Between the baby and the bakery, there was very little sleep.  And sleep deprivation leaves you on edge, creates disagreements about everything, business and baby.

Me: Being a working parent is a balancing act, what advice do you have for other working parents?

Amanda: Make time for family!  Carving out family time is so important, to not cross over business and family.  It’s nice I am able to bring my daughter to work with me in a bind, but really, it’s best to keep them separate.

Me:  What was your greatest disappointment in your business?  Greatest achievement?

Amanda: That’s a hard one!  I would say my answer sort of flows into both.  I wanted to start out as strictly cakes and desserts, but slowly we started to convert over to a coffee shop and offering breakfast options.  That wasn’t my plan at first, and I sort of resisted it but once things got in motion, it’s actually worked out really well!  So it was a disappointment and an achievement.

Me: How do you refocus?

Amanda: WINE! And to talk about anything but business.  The business talk can consume you, so it really helps to take a break from it, and also have a glass of wine!

Me: What do you feel like is the secret to your success?  What are you most thankful for?

Amanda: I think just going with what works, like having breakfast options like I mentioned earlier.  Being flexible, open to other options.  I’m thankful for my husband.  He does the accounting.  It creates a good balance for us, I’m more of the creative one and he handles the business side.

Me: What is important to you when you leave your legacy for your children?

Amanda: Do what makes you happy & follow your dreams!

You can tell she really loves what she does.  She takes a lot of pride in her work and in her family.  It was such a pleasure to interview her and get some perspective on the behind the scenes of working a bakery.  Check out her cake gallery here.

Recent cake done by Zaglios taken from their Facebook page

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