Small Biz Wonders – Curly Red

This write up will be a little bit different than the last couple.  I “met” Kendall during a networking Google hangout.  I was immediately drawn to her creative energy.  She offered insightful thoughts and advice during the hangout, which lead me to reaching out to her.  I was intrigued.  We scheduled a call, and as life goes, my schedule changed and I had my daughter being quite vocal in the background.  Kendall was gracious and understanding through the whole interview, hearing the little cries and shouts from my mini assistant.

She owns and runs her own graphic design firm, which she completely started from scratch.  I so enjoyed listening to her story.  She has been in business for herself for  9 years.  When she started, she knew nothing of business.  She had taken a course at the community college in How to Start Your Own Small Business, when she thought about striking out on her own.  She was working full time, but enjoyed her freelance work more.  She jumped in with both feet and took off.

What I admired most in the almost hour of talking to her, she was so humble.  She knows she has a great skill, and wants to share it to help others attain their business goals.  But, she was never once arrogant about it.  She takes the time to make sure she is creating what truly represents her clients and their needs.  She listens. She cares. And she delivers. She also does pro-bono work to help non-profits brand themselves and find more supporters.  It was fascinating to get into her head a little bit.  As every small business/entrepreneur does when they start out, she hit a couple bumps in the road.  Clients took advantage of her naive business sense, and wiggled out of contracts that weren’t written solid.  She learned from it and didn’t let it ruin her.  She created more solid contracts, no wiggle room.  She continued to network, to build other businesses and colleagues up as she continued to grow.  For me, it was encouraging to hear.  I, myself, have hit a few bumps in the road and it’s been very discouraging.  Hearing her passion, how she continued to pursue it, lifted me up inside.

My goal in these interviews, is to learn and provide insight on being a working parent.  While she had the time to throw into her business in the beginning because she was kid-less, she offered up some advice now that she is navigating her business with two daughters.  One, is to be able to delegate.  It’s okay to get help, to hire good help.  We want to do it all, but we can’t.  And, that is okay.  The other is to be able to manage your time wisely.  It’s okay to take time for herself.  Running is her “me” time; it’s important for us as parents to realize it’s not selfish to take some private time for yourself.  I loved hearing that… I NEEDED to hear that!  My favorite part of these interviews, is when I ask what legacy they want to leave for their children.  I didn’t even have to ask her, it was like she read my mind.  She mentioned she noticed leadership skills developing in both her girls.  That was important to her to see them grow in that manner, because she herself was still developing leader skills.  Previously to owning a business, she would have never been a leader in a women’s group, or preached at her church, and now she does those things and so much more.  And her daughter’s are starting to follow suit.  That touched me deeply.

This was such a fun interview to do.  I learned so much, and I hope you are as well as you read this.  If you’re interested in her work, her website is or you can find her on social media: Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn. Til next time…

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