Small Biz Wonders: Vyndsen

Courtney and I met at a Starbucks in Frederick.  She arrived dressed to the nines, hair flawless, makeup perfect.  And her energy just filled the coffee shop.  She was graceful and articulate, and had so much to share!  A little background, she and her business partner, Rashida (IamMessy), started Vyndsen from scratch.  Literally nothing.  They have put in their blood, sweat, and mascara-streaked tears into this and it’s starting to blossom into their original vision.  You probably have the same question at this point that I did, “What is Vyndsen”? (pronounced vin-sen).


She replied with an in-depth answer.  I was enthralled.  Here’s what it is.  We are all busy as women, as moms.  With family, work, life, clients, keeping up the household.  When it comes to makeup, we need it.  We invest in it.  But, finding the right color or shade for our personal skin tone can be an expensive adventure.  Vyndsen swatches all different kinds of makeup on different skin tones, so you can see what it looks like on a similar skin tone.  Then, eventually, they will have a library.  When you access the library, then you can find other makeup products similar to the ones you use that will compliment your skin tone.  Say, you love a blush in MAC, but want to try a similar one in NARS.  The data base will suggest which one is similar to that original color in MAC to NARS. So instead of spending hours at a makeup counter, you can pick and choose your makeup that compliments your skin tone, order online, ship and go.  Here’s an example of a swatch below, (my arm is on the left):

Their vision is far beyond this!  And there is so much more in the works.  Courtney  is balancing a full time job, being a mom and starting this dream.  She does it effortlessly.  When I asked how she refocused, she answered with one word, WINE.  I laughed, as that seems to be an underlying theme in these interviews.  I asked what was the greatest challenge they have come across.  The answer?  Finding the right name!  After much trail and error, this one spoke to them as it is a combination of their husband’s names, who have been instrumental in helping them get off the ground.  But my favorite part of this interview wasn’t learning about the business… It was what she said about being a parent.  She said, you can make mistakes in your business, and eventually fix them, but you can’t make mistakes in parenting.  You have one shot to get it right.  It spoke volumes.  Sometimes her child has to accompany her to photo shoots, but that’s okay with her.  She is setting an example, of sticking with your dreams. Not giving up.


It’s been amazing to watch their business unfold.  Just this week, as I was working up this blog post, they were recognized on Instagram by Pat McGrath, an international makeup artist and icon.  These ladies are doing it.  They set goals, and are meeting them one by one.  It’s inspiring!  Until the website launches, follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook.  Thank you Courtney, for your time and allowing me to be a part of your dream.  I am honored and so excited to watch you grow!

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