HO HO HOstess Gifts!


Party and event season is in full force!  But with all the hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to remember to grab that hostess gift, or even know what to bring… Welcome to my HO HO HOstess Guide!

While a bottle of wine or a case of beer is usually a go to, sometimes you don’t know if your hostess is a drinker, maybe they are sober or in recovery?  My husband doesn’t drink at all.  Never has, never will – just not his thing.  Of course, we graciously receive gifts and am so thankful in the thought!  But if you’re lacking other ideas than alcohol, you’re in the right place.

Unique Playing Card Deck


Everyone loves a good game of poker right?  Instead of grabbing the same old set, there are some fun ones out there that are unique to your host or hostesses likes!  Check out this list here.  It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s thoughtful and most of all, I’m sure they will remember it for parties to come!  Wrap it up  nice with a fun set of dice as an embellishment and you’re all set.

A Local Edible


Whether it’s whipped butter, honey, bread or even some cider, you’re supporting local business and giving a delicious gift!  Usually the store will have pretty packaging to display your gift and you don’t even have to do any work!

A Pampering Good


Your host and hostess will need some relaxation once the night is over!  A fancy soap, essential oil, a scrub or bath bomb or even a nice candle (soy is great!) can help do the trick.  Or put them all in a basket and give as one!



A beautiful (or sturdy for the men!) journal or a set of note cards is always a welcome gift!  Simple but stated, add a high quality pen and some stamps and you have the perfect set to give!



A no hassle no brainer gift!  It’s not something that will take up space or time for care for your host or hostess and is easy to find at most flower shops and grocery stores.  Wrap a contrasting ribbon around it and voila!

I hope these ideas are helpful in easing your holiday stress!  Stay tuned for next week’s Home Holiday Series!

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