Holiday Home Series: Winterizing


The cold is here!!  Time to bundle up, hunker down and hibernate.  This time of year can also bring anxiety over how to prepare your home for winter.  Here are a few basic tips!

  • Have your gutters cleaned!  (Or do it yourself) – my husband and I are sooo guilty of neglecting our gutters but once the snow is here, it’s too late.  Gutters should be free of debris, letting water flow freely.  Backed up gutters can end up causing roof problems and moisture issues.
  • Change your air and furnace filters: Allergens, dust and dander get caught in filters and changing them regularly is important to not only keeping your air “clean” but keeping your HVAC system running efficiently.
  • Plug drafts: Check around your windows and doors, feel a draft?  PLUG IT!  You can use homemade ones like a towel or a long sock filled with sand or kitty litter or buy draft dodgers at a home improvement store.  Check out our front door, see how it’s not flush (our home is over 100 years old), that’s an invite for a waste of energy use. unnamedWindow insulation kits (you know that plastic) helps too!
  • Get a Programmable Thermostat – We love our NESTs! Instead of leaving (or not leaving) the heat on all day and wasting energy when we aren’t home, we are able to set it for when we are away, home and at night.  Any programmable one will do.  It can seem like a large expense, but the cash you save in energy costs in the long run is so worth it.
  • Ensure Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are in working order – the wintertime is notorious for fire and carbon monoxide emergencies.  Make sure batteries are changed and each alarm works. For extra safety, each sleeping area should have a fire alarm, along with each level of the home.  Each level of the home should also have a carbon monoxide detector.  If you’re not sure how to do this, contact your local fire department, they want to help!  If you have plants inside (especially a Christmas tree!) make sure they are watered regularly.

This is in no way a comprehensive list.  If you have questions, talk to your trusted contractor. Know when your HVAC system, furnace system, water heater and plumbing system, and chimneys have been serviced – if you don’t know then have a licensed professional come out and give a recommendation after inspection.  If you need recommendations, please message me!  It would be my pleasure to help.  Curl up with a cup of something hot and enjoy your toasty home!

Neubauer Homes

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