Renovations & Resolutions

As the new year quickly approaches, thoughts of resolutions, word of the year, and planning are all spinning around us.  Resolutions are wonderful if they are attainable.  A small business group I’m in recently did goal planning for 2017.  What I really liked about this “project” was it took our main goals and broke them up into each quarter.  What were we going to obtain each quarter of the year, personally and professionally?  This made my goals REAL and ATTAINABLE.  Here is where you can download the PDF of the goal sheet: goal-digging!  I made it, so yea it’s not perfect, but you get the idea. And it’s FREE.


One of my resolutions was to make our home more “livable”.  There are some updates it needs so we started on some renovations this week.  I am working on a video and blog post about our buying experience so stay tuned!   Two of our main renovations is adding a linen closet to the master bedroom and tearing down the wall between the living and dining rooms to create a more open space.  Here’s what the layout of our main level looked like before we took out the wall.


It’s very linear and the rooms are blocked off.  Our kitchen doesn’t get a lot of light because the windows look right into our neighbors so we keep the blinds down often.  Without the wall light flows in from everywhere and it really opened up the entire area.  Here’s a few of the before and during.  We are not finished yet – hopefully be done within the week!  We did the demo ourselves (well my husband did it) and we are hiring professionals to complete/finish off!  Please don’t mind the mess – demo is MESSY!

Living Room Wall TO GO!


Demo starts from dining room:


Drywall and studs are GONE!  The hard part is over 🙂  The wires are live, so we are having an electrician come in and move them so we can have a true open space.  Then we will have a flooring and drywall contractor come in and finish out the drywall repair on the corner, wall and ceiling, finish out the crown molding and complete the gap between the floors.  Finally we will paint the two rooms one cohesive color (I chose that awful green when we moved in, the yellow came with the house – time for BOTH to go!)  Have questions on what renovations will improve the value or liability of your home?  Contact me.

One thought on “Renovations & Resolutions

  1. Mary, you’re so amazing! This home project looks like it is really going to connect disparate areas of your home and make is feel less awkward– HA! I loved seeing “awkward room” on your floor chart:) I canNOT wait to see where your goals will take you by the end of the year.


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