This Old House

We are *almost* done with our mini renovation! And it was a great decision.  We now have an entertaining area, more space, and more light!

The wall between the living room and dining room is gone.  We have to stain the wood put down where the wall was and complete the trim.  We painted everything one cohesive color and it really has changed the feel of the house.  The kitchen is easier to get to, and now we use the dining room for dinners and breakfast much more often.  My daughter has more room to play around too!







The green and yellow had to go!  Prior to my real estate days, I had no clue about color and how it really made a difference. I was the one that chose that “mint” green…. *sigh*. It wasn’t great for our space.  We didn’t get a lot of light with the wall there, making the rooms dark and almost uncomfortable.  I chose Sherwin Williams Blue Horizon (SW 6497) for both rooms. It’s breezy and bright and I love how it compliments the floors.  Grays and greiges are very popular colors right now, shying away from the off-whites and ivories that were used for so long.  We have a light gray in the back of the house, we recently did as well and I wanted something a little different but not too stark.

The next step will be to refinish the floors (you can see they are a little lackluster) and the trim.  Other than the demo, we used professionals for the electrical and drywall.  It was worth the investment to have it done properly the first time.  And when we go to sell, we will rest assured we had professionals do our work.

While open floor plans are still very popular and most newer homes now have them, I have seen some buyers shy away from open floor plans. Our renovation doesn’t necessarily add value, as say an addition would, but it does make our home more attractive to a potential buyer and helps the home keep its old charm while still appealing to the modern day mindset.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers or how to get the best ROI on your renovation ideas, contact me.  The market continues to stay active and strong!

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