The Business of Busyness


We hear it time and time again.  Bigger, better, improved, faster!  We are generally in a constant state of motion, always rushing to work, to a meeting, to the kid’s thing, to make dinner, to class, to be the best.  We are constantly bombarded with items and systems that can save us time.  Precious time.  And yet, we continue to be busier and more miserable as a whole.

There is a business behind busyness.  Take that next class or you won’t get ahead.  Attend that networking thing or you won’t increase your business. Help out with this charity or you must not care about other people.  But this new thing or you’ll continue doing it the hard way.  It taps into our insecurities.  Why yes, I want to increase my business.  Why yes, I want more time with my kids/husband/pets/self. Why yes, I want to improve the world around me. Why yes, I want to be functioning at my maximum efficiency.

This mentality is dangerous.  The mentality that we HAVE to get ahead, keep up with the Joneses, be the top producer.  It wears at our inner core.  We live in a world where every minute has to be scheduled, otherwise it’s wasted.  And yet, we spend hours on Facebook, YouTube, binging on  TV shows… it’s a constant push pull of our psyche.  Now more than ever, we are over connected, over whelmed, and under nourished.  We need to nourish our bodies with real food, nourish our minds with time off from technology, nourish our soul with whatever connects us with others in a positive way.

I see it loud and clear in my industry.  The late hours, the rushing, the stress, the strive to be top, the lack of nourishment. When was the last time you disconnected?  Does that question give you anxiety?  Placing systems to continue to run your business/life and still being able to disconnect and RECONNECT with others is okay.  It is okay.  Allow yourself some nourishment.  Tune out the business of busyness.  Remember, we are all in this journey together, whatever it may be, and allow yourself some grace.  pexels-photo-213899


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