Spring Time Tips & Tricks For a Home Face Lift


With the resurgence of this lovely warm weather, IN FEBRUARY?! I’ve received a few messages/calls about what to prioritize on home projects and take advantage of the weather. So, I figured I would share some of those tips and tricks with you!  I try to keep it inexpensive and easy for my clients, friends and family.  Mostly, because as a busy working mom, that’s what I need too!  *none of these links are sponsored*

  • Yard Work – simple as it seems, but raking up those leaves, adding a little mulch and generally sprucing up can really help make your home look like it had a face lift.  Mulch adds a defining look – and if you live near woods like me, then there are always leaves to tend to.
  • Paint – exterior paint *can* be fairly simple to tackle yourself depending on what you are painting.  Please if you ever feel like it’s out of your scope, hire a professional.  For things like railings, decks, patios, and porch swings, a fresh coat of paint can be the foundation & powder of your face lift.  If you’re feeling really fancy, and your HOA allows it, paint your door too! Here is Lowe’s Guide to exterior paint!
  • Power washing – siding can get really drab looking throughout the winter months.  You can rent a power washer from your local home improvement store if you don’t have one, or hire someone to do the job for you.
  • Outdoor accents – if you’re tired of the way the front of your home looks, then you probably aren’t the only one.  Re-purpose your outdoor accents to create a new polished look.  A few Pinterest ideas here and here.  Oh and here!
  • Plants – discuss with your local garden shop or farm about which plants are best to plant when.  Take a photo of the front of your home and ask what they suggest to go where (landscapers can do this too, but if you’re a DIY person like me, this is an alternative). Remember, it’s still going to get cold again, so don’t go all out!

Wishing you a fun face lift!  If you’d like tips and tricks delivered right to your inbox – sign up here.  We hate spam too, and will never sell your info.

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