Selling Your Home With Kids

Sounds exhausting right?


People do it everyday, but it’s no easy task.  Keeping your home “show ready” can be tricky with those little hands and careless teenagers.  Sometimes there’s emotions involved as well, “I don’t want to move/leave my friends/clean my mess”.  Challenging!  Here’s some top tips to help ease the transition:

  • Kim with Maryland Design Group, LLC, who does staging in the DC metro area suggests “bathroom baskets” – getting fun, color coordinated baskets to hold each child’s toiletries.  They take it out in the morning to use, and hide it under the sink during the day so brushes, bottles and bits aren’t all over the counters.


  • Have your kids sign a listing agreement!  You signed one with your agent.  You can create your own or use the template included at the bottom of this post.  It makes it fun and official, and helps to keep them on track and who doesn’t love a reward for hard work!


  • Choose FAVORITES and store the rest.  Anything with small parts (legos, puzzles, ect) can really create a quick mess and be a pain to clean up.  Allow 5 favorites to stay out and store the rest in an easy to get to area (garage, trunk of car) and rotate out every 2 weeks (in some markets your home won’t last 2 weeks!).  This way, some of the packing is done and you easily eliminate the clutter of too many toys/projects.  Find some cute storage solutions for the ones you keep out – a client of mine LOVES these : Cute Storage


  • Make pick up fun!  Trying to rush out for a last minute showing?  Last one to finish cleaning their mess “is a rotten egg!” or whatever works for your family.  For older kids, give them some pride in not just dropping their junk down.  Shoes and sports equipment should have a designated space, and when it makes it into that space, find an appropriate reward for your family and lifestyle.

Have honest expectations.  Life with kids is naturally messy.  If you can’t hire a weekly cleaning service while you are on the market, create a cleaning plan so it doesn’t get overwhelming.  Hang in there – you may not even need to clean if your house sells in a day!

mncirclekey• Kids Listing Agreement •






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