Holiday Home Series: How To Stay On Top Of The Clutter

Holiday Home Series

We are so excited to return with our second Holiday Home Series!  Each Wednesday in December, tune in for a new post & giveaways!  Holiday time can be when you feel most out of control with your home, the decorations, the clutter, the food, the cleaning, the guests, and trying to buy or sell in the midst of that, or trying to make home improvement decisions that will increase your equity can create so much overwhelm.  We are here to provide you with tips and tricks to find some peace and calm with your home this season!

Today, let’s talk about clutter.  How to manage it, what to do with it and where to put it.  Between decorations, gifts, and your everyday “stuff”, where is it going to all go?!  How do we keep what we need without feeling “cluttered”?  There is something to be said for creative storage solutions.  In this post, we will be tackling 3 common cluttered areas in your home.


The bathroom can just attract that lived-in look so easily.  From water spots to toothpaste drips, keeping the bathroom tidy can be challenging!  When selling your home, bathrooms are one of the main areas buyers pay attention to.

  • One of my favorite tricks from Kim at Maryland Design Group, is to get a simple plastic basket (see link for idea) and put all your toothpaste and brushes in it (you can get inexpensive toothbrush covers), then hide it under the sink.  Take out when needed!  This keeps the counter area clear and fresh and the basket can easily be wiped down.
  • Keep a wipe down towel under the sink for an easy swipe after you’re done washing your hands!
  • Clean out expired medications and lotions/cosmetics regularly



Counter tops just attract clutter don’t they?!  The kitchen can be a catch all, but it doesn’t have to be!

  • Catch all those beautiful holiday cards in one spot!  Then change out with new photos once the holiday season is over and you don’t have to have a separate “card” holder. If you DIY, the one linked above would be pretty easy to make!
  • Opening and organizing mail can be the last thing on your to do list when you’re busy trying to find a home and making sure yours is ready for guests or showings!  Along with the holiday parties and demands of day to day, sometimes these tasks don’t get done the same day.  Keeping a simple, pretty organizer close so you can toss into files and get to later can be a life saver when keeping mail clutter at bay.
  • Keep organizing baskets in the cabinets so things don’t fall out easily and you can grab what you need and put the rest away easy.  This is a great tip for small things like spices, measuring cups/spoons, small kitchen needs etc.


Living Area

  • Rotate out toys.  Keeping the majority of toys in a closet and just keeping a few out and rotating them every couple of weeks can help in so many ways.  It keeps down the toy clutter and keeps kids interested in “new” items they forget about so easily.
  • Find a spot for your blankets.  Whether it’s in a storage ottoman, or on a trendy ladder, keeping the blankets close for cozy nights but tidy can make all the difference in looking uncluttered.rustic-ladder
  • Find a small tray or basket to keep remotes in.  Keeping remotes accessible but out of sight can really help the clean up the cluttered look.

We hope these little tips helped give you ideas on how to help manage the clutter in your home!  For our giveaway, we are giving away a $10 gift card to Amazon!  To enter, tell us in the comments below by 12/13/17 what your best tip to keep clutter at bay in your home!  The winner will be chosen at random and emailed and posted on our next post!  Stay tuned as we have giveaways all December!

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