Holiday Home Series: How To Refresh Your Decor On A Budget

Holiday Home Series

With HGTV and YouTube influencers, there is no shortage in home decor and decoration tips.  Whether minimalist or country chic, re-decorating or freshening up your current decor can make you a little crazy with all the options available to you.  Let’s talk about some tricks to freshen up your current look without going broke!  These will work whether you are getting ready to entertain for the holidays or getting your home ready to sell.

coffee-cup-books-home (1)

  • Check your walls – what can you move around?  Moving a gallery wall to a new area, or just your regular decor around can give a fresh look.
  • Paint your frames or wood trim on mirrors.  For under $20, you can get a can of chalk spray paint and give your frames and mirrors a fresh coat and a new color!  Give it an afternoon on a nice day and add one or two coats – it’s a simple easy trick to update your current decor.
  • Get some dollar store frames and print out some free printables for a quick inexpensive addition to your calls.  Pinterest has a ton of free printables, or you can find a bunch on Etsy for $1.  Print at home or your local print store and viola! Simple and cute!


  • Add a plant or fresh flowers – if you don’t have a green thumb like me succulents are a perfect compromise.  They bring in a fresh feeling and usually you can find them pretty inexpensive and they go with everything.
  • Use what’s around you outside – take some branches and spray paint with glitter paint for a holiday look.  Pop in a vase to finish!  Press flowers or leaves for pretty nature prints and put in dollar store frames when complete.
  • Take away any decor that feels cluttering to you.  It may be a few figurines or kitchen bowls, but if you feel like the area they are in gets cluttered a lot, or feels blah, move them into a closet or storage for a little and see if you miss them.  Give it a week or two and decide if there is another place you can display them.


  • Try to keep the same color palette throughout.  A simple clean look can really bring comfort to the mind.


And now for our second giveaway!  Comment below and tell us your favorite home decor hack to win a $10 Etsy gift card right to your email!  Winner will be drawn at random and this giveaway is not sponsored.  Curious what you can do to update your home & thinking of selling?  Drop us a line at


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