Everything You Need To Know When Selling With Pets


A common question from sellers is what do I do with my pets for showings?

There are many options! I always get permission to explain pets in the showing instructions for other agents to see and convey to their clients.

• If you can, remove the pets from the home. Go for a drive/walk, to the dog park, or a pet friendly coffee shop.

•If your pet is car anxious, or it’s too cold for a long walk or dog park, cage the pet. If they aren’t used to a cage, try a few times before your home hits the market. You don’t have to allow long showings. Usually 20-30 minutes is enough, and your pet doesn’t have to be caged for very long.

•You can board or find a doggie daycare, but that doesn’t work for everyone’s lifestyle and budget.

•If your pet is a cat and most likely hide, just leave a note (along with showing instructions) that there’s a pet around and to not disturb.

•If you have an reptile or other pet that is usually caged, leave a note for the showing and make sure cage is secure.

•Your agent and local vet should have some suggestions for removing pet odors. Cages and aquariums should be cleaned more than your usual routine to keep odors away and the look of cleanliness. If you have a pet that sheds a lot, prepare to vacuum and dust more to keep your home show ready.

I’ve recently sold  listings with large dogs (both a breed that can be feared by others) and always let the agents know what to expect if they dogs had to be home and let my sellers know what to expect prior to showing if they were leaving the pets there or not. Each never had a problem selling because of the pets in the home. Take comfort that most people viewing your home are imagining their pets in it, not yours. 

Remember to remove hair and have pet odor fighters going to make your home more presentable.  We love our furry friends!


Photo by Courtney Prather on Unsplash

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