5 Reasons Why You Need a REALTOR On Your Side


Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Buying and selling a home can seem like a confusing complicated process.  Sometimes, consumers feel like they can save money if they don’t use an agent, but that’s not always the case.  Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why YOU need a REALTOR on your side.

  1. They study the market so they can help educate you.  Professional REALTORs take time to study the market, understand what the trends mean and how that affects the consumer.  Having an agent who knows the market can give you so much insight and education in what to expect as far as home values, upgrades and ROI, and what/where a good investment is.
  2. They guide you in the process.  Whether buying or selling, there are many steps involved.  Even before you put a contract in, a REALTOR should give you a step by step guide on how the process works, what your options are and how they will be advocating for you.
  3. They protect you.  Whether it’s going over the contract with you so you know what you’re signing or making sure you are professionally represented, REALTORS protect their client’s financial and personal best interests.
  4. They can find off market properties for you.  Haven’t found “THE ONE”?  Your REALTOR can find an off marker property that you may have not even known existed!
  5. They assist you on making educated financial decisions.  Making sure you are priced properly for a sale to avoid appraisal issues or helping you understand the comps before you place an offer, a REALTOR can help!

Let’s chat on how I can help you.  Coffee is on me.


Mary Neubauer is a Maryland licensed REALTOR #655380 with Keller Williams Realty Centre in Frederick MD.  EHO.  Each Keller Williams Office is independently owned and operated.

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