5 Reasons We Love Living In Maryland


1. There’s SO much to do! Whether it’s a drive to DC, exploring Baltimore or Annapolis or a ride out to the country for hiking or a winery, there’s always something to do! There’s great hiking, museums, events and more every day!

2. The Eastern Shore – Seafood galore and Old Bay!  The Delmarva beaches offer beauty and fun all in one!  St. Michael’s and the Chesapeake Bay are also a fun trip.  Don’t forget Sandy Point!

3. All 4 seasons, sometimes all in one week! Spring, summer, winter and fall all flourish here in Maryland.  And, we love them all!

4. History.  Maryland is rich with history and it’s not hard to find places devoted to it! Here’s a brief peek into Maryland’s history and here is where you can find the historical society!

5. Politics.  Being so close to DC, we are home to some pretty influential political elite. No matter which way you lean, a political event and involvement is easy to find here!


Want to love where you live?  Download our home buying search guide!  We kept it unbranded so all you have to do is print and go!  Easily adaptable into your Happy Planner or Bullet Journal:  Home Search Doc 2018.docx


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