Won’t Staging Cost Me Thousands?!


Working with first time home sellers is just as exciting as working with first time home buyers!  If you’ve considered selling your first home, it can be overwhelming.  I strongly encourage all my sellers to stage their homes.  Staged homes sell a lifestyle, they sell a story, not just a home.  Staging is an investment, which when you are a first time home seller, you may not have a large amount to put into staging.  Here are a few quick tricks to help you organize and stage your home:

  • Organize those junk drawers!  Sounds crazy, but buyers trust sellers who have organized clean homes. Any disorder starts to bring in doubt.  You can find organizers for $5 at your local dollar store or here on Amazon.
  • Add in fresh flowers.  They bring a pop of color and have a homey welcoming feel.  Add them in the kitchen, on the table where you eat and in the main bedroom.pexels-photo-817783
  • Get a little basket to keep your every day bathroom items in so you can hide them under the sink but access quickly when you need them.
  • Keep clutter at bay with a mail organizer & portable filing pocket.  Make sure everything has a place – it makes it so much easier to clean!

Staging doesn’t have to cost you thousands.  If you want to chat a little more about what staging will look like for you – lets chat!  Contact box below.


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