Why Buyers Don’t Trust Your Home


Photo by Maximillian Conacher on Unsplash

There are a few reasons why certain homes sit for longer on the market or they come off and on with contracts. Trust is extremely important in real estate transactions on both sides. Some reasons buyers won’t trust a home or the seller are

Condition – if your home is messy, unorganized, or looks like any work was done haphazardly it’s an immediate turn off to buyers. Buyers tend to trust sellers who’s homes are clean, organized and have receipts and warranties for all work done. They don’t trust that you “have a guy” that does the work unless they can see his credentials. Attention to detail is critical when selling your home and attracting buyers.

Price – if your home is overpriced, no matter what upgrades or condition it’s in, it won’t sell. Buyers won’t trust that you’re actually willing to part with the home and fear a difficult transaction. They also sometimes fear offending sellers with a lower offer. Having a detailed price analysis to determine market conditions and pricing is important when selling. Each area has a micro-market and your agent should be attune to that.

Photos & Staging – It’s an investment to stage and have your home professionally photographed. Attention to detail is again so important. Are your toilet seats down? Windows cleaned? Closets & counter tops cleared? Photos should show the highlights of your home, not just a wall, a toilet and a couch. Majority of buyers determine if they want to see a house from the photos online first. Have you checked the photos of your home online? Can you clearly see the front, sides and back along with each room in the house? Are the photos bright, clear and attractive? I still rage when I see a home at any price listed with crappy cell phone pictures.

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Photo by Brian Babb on Unsplash

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