Renting Doesn’t Always Mean “Wasting Money”

It’s a common idea, if you rent, you’re throwing away money.  You don’t have equity. You’re making someone else’s home payment for them.  It goes on. And while this may be true for some people (most of us could be better about managing our finances), it isn’t true for everyone.  Shocking, I know, hearing this … More Renting Doesn’t Always Mean “Wasting Money”

The Forgotten

I’ve been meaning to write this for some time.  It’s heavy, bare with me.  I recently met the ladies who run  San Mar Treatment Foster Care in Boonsboro at Brunswick’s First Friday’s event.  As many of you know, the idea of adoption has been weighing on my heart for some time, but right now is … More The Forgotten

Money – A Barrier Not Freedom

Millennials, this is for you.  Just starting college?  Finishing college?  Started your brand new career?  Can’t find a position in your field so you’re still bar tending?  But, not just millennials, EVERYONE.  Money has become a barrier.  It holds us down, keeps us back.  With our estimated national debt being at 19.3 TRILLION freaking dollars, no … More Money – A Barrier Not Freedom

Small Biz Wonders – White Oak Weddings & Events

Katie and I grew up together in elementary school.  As time passed, we went our separate ways, different groups of friends, but always stayed connected in similar circles.  I was impressed last year when she announced she was moving on from her current position and starting her own business, with a baby!  She clearly worked … More Small Biz Wonders – White Oak Weddings & Events