All Things Fall

Pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters and foliage galore!  It’s the favorite time of year for many, autumn!  If you’re looking for pumpkin-y things to do, we created a list for you! Rock Hill Orchard & Woodbourne Creamery does pick your own with apples and veggies.  They also have milk pick-up in Germantown! Butler’s Orchard also has pick your … More All Things Fall

Being a Buyer in A Seller’s Market

Low Inventory! Multiple Offers! Over List Price! If you follow anything real estate related, then you’ll know in most areas right now there is a solid seller’s market.  Which means there aren’t enough homes to meet the demand of ready willing and able buyers.   So, consumers jump quickly and usually say how high?  Sometime’s it’s … More Being a Buyer in A Seller’s Market

How A REALTOR® Is Like A Doula And Why You Need Both

If you haven’t heard the term doula before, don’t be surprised.  Unless you are connected with the birth community or have had a child, you’ve probably never heard the term.  In layman’s words, a doula is a non-medical professional who supports a birthing mother and her partner.  They offer prenatal support, assistance during the birth and sometimes … More How A REALTOR® Is Like A Doula And Why You Need Both

Spring Time Tips & Tricks For a Home Face Lift

With the resurgence of this lovely warm weather, IN FEBRUARY?! I’ve received a few messages/calls about what to prioritize on home projects and take advantage of the weather. So, I figured I would share some of those tips and tricks with you!  I try to keep it inexpensive and easy for my clients, friends and … More Spring Time Tips & Tricks For a Home Face Lift

This Old House

We are *almost* done with our mini renovation! And it was a great decision.  We now have an entertaining area, more space, and more light! The wall between the living room and dining room is gone.  We have to stain the wood put down where the wall was and complete the trim.  We painted everything … More This Old House